Possible Low Heart Rate???!? Trying Not to Freak Here!

Irene • Due date Aug ‘18 but she came July ‘18 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Late Term Preemie 💕🌈💕

Hi everyone!

So today I had my 2nd prenatal visit. I’m currently 7w2d. During my visit, my OB said the baby is measuring at 6w4d. I was worried because it seemed like the baby isn’t growing fast enough. However, the doctor said that it’s normal for baby’s to be some days behind. Then I saw and heard the heartbeat today. Two weeks ago (I was 5w3d), all we saw was a sac but today I saw a fetal pole and yolk sac BUT the heart rate was 90 bpm. Most of the posts I’ve seen, people’s babies HR is beating 120^. My doc told me 90 bpm is normal since I’m still super early. She said she’d be concerned if the HR was like 50 bpm. She said my progesterone levels are good and everything else looks good!

But of course, I googled it and reading that 90 bpm is considered low HR and there’s a 50/50 chance of miscarriage. I’m trying not go into full panic mode because I don’t know if the delay in growth is affecting the heart rate or maybe that baby’s heart just starting beating??!? Ugh I’m a mess!!

Anyone been through this or have any advice?!?