ttc #2


Well my husband and I, for the very first time, felt like sex was a job today. We both want another baby VERY badly, but trying to conceive is a JOB we have decided. If this month we dont get a bfp then we are going to take a month of NOT controling when we have sex and just do it whenever we damn well feel like it. Dont get us wrong we both enjoy sex immensely, but when you have to have sex certain days in a month then it kind of becomes a job or atleast for us this month it has. So bimonth next month if we don't get a bfp then the month after sex every day during the fertile window then, if no bfp, the next month bimonth again. etc etc etc. Anyone else ever feel like ttc is a job at times? I LOVE sex with my husband but today was the first time in our ttcing that we didnt want to have sex but knew that today was the day before ovulation so sex was a must. I love this man more than life ad so glad he wants a baby as badly as I do