Judgemental B*tches

I saw a woman asking for some boost tonight, for some positivity on how she was. Instead of that, she was met with comments of rude, jealous women on here shaming her for asking for that. Saying she was desperate for attention and would ask someone in a store the same thing. No. The woman they were judging was a suicide survivor. A domestic abuse survivor. She has a beautiful baby boy and found out her husband cheated on her for a year before she found out. He abused her in this time. So the woman you called "desperate for attention" was someone who actually need a compliment today. After a day of everything going wrong, which we all have, she sought some self esteem boost and was met with snarky bitches. She hates the image she showed because she had a few rolls on her side, and she was still brave enough to post it until she had to delete it because of you horrible women on here.