3 weeks late

Hi ladies!! I need some advice because my fiance is as clueless as I am when it comes to these things and I don't know who else to talk to. We had sex multiple times during my ovulation period and about 8dpo I had pink/brown spotting that to me looked like IB. That lasted for about 2 days, light enough to slightly leave a tiny drop on a panty liner but most present when wiping. Never enough to really be spotting, just colored discharge. I noticed leading up to my period I didn't have any usual symptoms, no tender breast, no cramps no nothing. So now, I'm 3 weeks late and occasionally feel mild cramps, more just uncomfortable than painful that never last more than a few seconds. My nipples seem to be a different color, my appetite is either full blown or non existent, ive been craving wine like crazy, getting headaches, sensitivity to sound and smells and this morning I noticed some nausea when leaving the house(I was furious because I was starving but the idea of food made me want to vomit). I've taken 2 tests since my missed period and both seemed negative so I've just put it in the back of my mind but I'm growing more anxious. If I am pregnant, I'm 7 weeks today. Any advice on what to do??