No sore breasts

Amber • Step mommy to 2 precious babies💋 TTC my own with the love of my life🎃🖤 PCOS🙏🏼

Hi everyone. I have a question. So my fiancé and I aren't seriously ttc until next month after our wedding, but whenever we have sex, I practice the normal baby making wise tales of laying down for as long as possible or with feet in the air on the wall with hips elevated to allow the little guys access. We don't have sex every day of my fertile window, however this last cycle we had sex the day before I estimated that I ovulated. I definitely feel pregnant though aside from my boobs not being sore at all. I feel like they are more full than usual, as does my fiancé, and I am super hormonal. I'm crying almost every night at random stuff, when I feel totally normal otherwise. I had CM that was white and odorless two days ago, about 7dpo. I am two days away from my period starting on the 29th as I have a super short cycle of 21 days. So my question is, is it possible to be pregnant without sore breasts? I feel myself getting nauseous, my stomach is more sensitive to different kinds of food that never bothered me before and causing trips to the bathroom, I haven't vomited just the other end (sorry TMI), and I am suuuuuper hormonal where my fiancé is becoming impatient with my constant mood swings. Would it be ideal to test here soon? Or should I wait to see if my period starts in a few days rather than wasting a test since there is no tender breasts?

Thank you! Baby dust to everyone ttc!!