Peeping tom

I need to vent.

Tonight at around 10:30 my neighbor from across the street who is a teenage boy was looking at me threw the window, I have a window unit in which he moved the sides to look at me. He even made steps from things I had outside to look threw the window. I live alone with my one year old, my husband works out of town. I called the sheriffs department and the deputy only gave him a warning, a fuckin warning, and only for criminal trespassing. My brother is in law enforcement and told me I needed to take it higher, I called and spoke to a patrol supervisor and he agreed that it was only criminal trespassing since they couldn't arrest him because basically he was only being a peeping a tom and his intention was not to steal. Are you fuckin serious? And that until it happened again then they would arrest him. I honestly am terrified, idk how long he has been doing this, if he's done it before if he's seen me naked threw the window. I feel so violated and so disappointed with the law, sheriffs department is saying that since there was no witnesses it's a he said, she said, I saw his face I identified him in front of the deputy. And I have to call tomorrow to press charges so they can investigate and see if he incriminates himself, other than that they can't do anything. I'm so hurt. I feel that it's so unfair.