My Symptoms Before I found out I was pregnant !


Hello everyone ! I see a lot of ladies curious about what symptoms to look for when your TTC and think you may be pregnant . Everyone has different symptoms ... but I wanted to share some of mine and share my experience !

So .. one of the VERY first things I noticed was I felt EXTREMELY tired all throughout the day , which wasn't normal for me because I'm 22 and very active . I thought I may be getting the flu or something . This went on for a few weeks ... the SECOND thing I noticed were my nipples ... they weren't sore but they did look different to me ... they started getting darker . I thought this was something that happened before AF and I just never noticed it before so I blew it off . The obvious sign of a missed period was not so obvious to me because I had intense cramping for three days and I figured I could start at any minute ... I never did and the cramping didn't stop ... and I never bled . I had always heard about implantation bleeding but I NEVER got it . I tested a few days later and got my BFP I'm now 34 weeks pregnant with our first baby😍 Anyways these were a few of my symptoms I hope this can help someone !