Has you husband or boyfriend ever been mad at you for using a toy larger then them?

so let me start out with this. years ago I got a gag gift of a larger sized dildo and had never used it until I got a bored wild hair today. I cleaned it and layed it out to dry thinking I would have it stored away again before he got home. guess who got home early...! I was embarrassed that I used it and tried to cover it up which turned into the "I'm not enough for you" bullshit man speech. which tmi he is a fantastic lover I just like some me time now and then. he won't listen to me and is just pissed that I would use a toy bigger then him. to quote the next part of the argument which I didn't quiet get " I don't have a toy tighter then you, you are just looking to leave me for a bigger dick." wtf we've been married 8 years with children and 16 years of history. I wish I could slap the stupid right off his face right now.

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