Thick lining and fluid?


I'm on CD23, 6-7 DPO. I'm currently on a combo of Chlomid (150 mg), Estradiol, and Progesterone (I have PCOS, don't ovulate reg on my own). Today, my Dr had me go in for an ultrasound to check for cysts (this is my 1st cycle on 150, before I've only gone up to 100). The ultrasound tech found no abnormal cysts and said my uterine lining was really thick. There was also a couple black circles (of fluid) on the right side in my uterus. She said it could be a possible sign of early pregnancy, but it could also be fluid left over from ovulation. Has anyone had this before on a transvaginal before a baby could be detected??? It's too early for a HPT, so any help would be great!!!