Hello guys really need opinions... So I’m in a long distance relationship (3 years strong) and I had my period in Aug and I missed 2 pills so I had light bleeding on the 26th of August. My boyfriend came Labor Day weekend and my period for Sept. was suppose to be on the 3rd of Sept. we had unprotected sex several times. After he left on the 3rd I didn’t have my period until the 6th but it only lasted 3 days and it was light ( usually my periods last a week and I bleed quite a bit ) I am now expecting my period on the 1st of Oct. I’ve been nauseous, having headaches, cramps here and there, backaches, and also my breast are sore. I never really experience PMS this is why I’m worried .. 🙁Should I be worried or just brush it off and wait for AF and go from there?