Returning to work...when? How many hours?


I was just wondering when other mommies returned to work after having their little ones? I worked full time before I had my son and I am not due to return to work until March....however, my current job is shift work (6am starts and 8pm finishes) and with my husband working for the same company and working similar shifts, this will cause a problem for us in terms of child care as we have no support network apart from my mum and sister but they work full time also so are limited to when they can help. However there is a possibility of me being able to get a 9-5 job Monday - Friday with my company, however, it will mean returning to work when my son is 4 months old and also actually being out the house longer everyday as it will be an hour commute! I wish I didn't have to return but for financial reasons, it is essential and going back to my old shift pattern is not possible and the company will not allow part time or flexible working as they have already told me that it's a full time job with those shifts and if I can't do it then it's tough! I feel as though I am going to miss so much!