Don’t know if it’s pregnancy symptoms or PMS

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Back in June, I gave birth to my 22 week old precious baby boy who now resides in heaven waiting on me someday when it’s my time but ever since then, every month it feels like I get pregnancy symptoms before a period.

I can’t determine if it’s pregnancy symptoms or period. This time, I had sex on my most fertile days according to glow & lastnight, AF is due October 3 and I’m praying she doesn’t show! I just can’t determine the symptoms from one another and it’s driving me up the wall.

My period is always almost perfect since I had my son, and I get excited. This is basically our first month, actually having sex during my fertile week, and I have high hopes but I don’t wanna get too happy.

Anybody got any advice?

So far my symptoms have been:

- Extreme nausea the other day


-Fatigue(I literally been sleeping at least 12 hours and I’m still sleepy)

-light cramping

-nipple tenderness every single day

I’m 10 days pass ovulation and I really wanna just late nature take its course without a pregnancy test because I don’t wanna get my hopes up.

But I need advice..