Isn’t this inconsiderate ? Sorry kinda long


So we (my mom, sister, and i) came to visit my sisters son today. It was a 10hr drive and i had to drive 4 hours. Im very tired and swollen. Im 35 weeks & i could barely sleep on the ride here. Well at my nephew’s other grandmothers house there are only 2 beds: hers and then a queen guest bed. She also had an air Mattress. So my mom decides that she doesn’t want to sleep on the air mattress and my sister also refuses. Well i feel that its an obligation that i sleep on the bed. Well i had a paper due at 11:59 and they both managed to get into the bed before i did. When i go to lay down, im halfway off the bed. I asked if one of them could sleep on the air mattress they both refused. Well I couldn’t sleep on the bed so i got mad and said fine. When i go to blow up the air mattress its a hole in it. I ask them if one of them could sleep on the chair they said no. Now im stuck on the chair with a horrible back ache and i cant sleep. Im just

making sure that is very inconsiderate right ?

UPDATE!: The next night i got into bed so fast so i slept GREAT 😄