in need of some positive support!

I'm just over 15 weeks pregnant 😍 super blessed... however, I struggled for years with an eating disorder and went through counseling for it and everything. I've been healthy and happy for a few years now. However, the bigger I get and the more I eat the more "ashamed" I am starting to feel. almost everytime i eat i become guilty, but then i remember my mini inside of me is growing & is also very hungry! I never told my OB about my issue and only my closes friends, husband, and only 1 of my 3 siblings know about my struggles. I'm just worried about relapsing in a time like this when it's more important than ever to care for my body the proper way! I tried to bring it up at my apoinment today and she told me I was being silly. Am I just being silly? Is my fear of relapsing all in my head?