Lingerie and more


Soo I’m exactly 6 weeks PP and we haven’t had sex for a longggg time almost 3-4 months ive done stuff down there for him but I was just so uncomfortable with having sex. But I think I’m ready now lol so I was planning on using his car Saturday and not tell him what I’m doing lol have my mom or sister watch the baby. Get dressed really nice something sexy ( he’s gonna be stunned I never wear heels 🤦🏽‍♀️) and tell him to get sexy to lol and go out to eat at a fancy restaurant maybe to a sushi dinner , maybe go downtown find something else to do, but also get a hotel room for that night make it really nice and put some lingerie on for him. Now I never did any of this lol so any ideas on how I should do this ladies, I’m extremely excited but nervous!