Birth Story... Wyatt Andrew


So my birth went very quickly! But it's a lot to explain...

First off the Docter though that he was coming a week or 2 early because I was 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks and 75% effaced. So I take off work 2 weeks before my due date only to be nesting and cleaning the house for 2 weeks. 🙄

I go in for a regular exam on Wednesday Sep 20th and my Doctor stretched me to 4cm. I asked her if she has accidentally broken someone's water by doing an exam before and she said its happened to her twice. I ask her if she can make it a third time? Unfortunately we couldn't get it and we schedule to be induced the following Monday because she is off the rest of the weekend.

Well Thursday night rolls around and I'm bouncing on my pregnancy ball trying to get contractions going and around 8pm I notice that they were getting pretty consistent. I ask my husband to keep track of how far apart they are and after 30 minutes of contractions being 5-7 minutes apart I call the hospital to let them know. They tell me to wait another hour or two to see if they stay consistent and then to come in. Well they kept coming and so I called them and told them we were on our way.

I get there and they hook me all up and tell me I'm 6 cm dilated, to which I respond "holy shit!" And get a good laugh out of all the nurses. They told me that I sounded so calm and that I'm handling the pain very well! My pain level was only at like a manageable 6 with the contractions so when they offered me the epidural right away I was confused. I asked if I could wait and they said that I was progressing quickly so it's now or never, so I told them I want it.

Not even 30 minutes later the anesthesiologist makes his way into my room and I get the epidural. Honestly that was the hardest part because I don't do well with needles. My husband (who was made to sit in the corner) said my heart rate dropped to 60 and they rushed to get medication incase I passed out. After I get the epidural it's smooth sailing and I can't even feel the contractions anymore. Or the catheter they put in.

I'm forced to move to my side because the baby's heart rate was dropping with my contractions when I was on my back and I was given oxygen to keep him happy. I turn to my husband who is back sitting by my side and show him how much I was shaking and say that I can't control it. He just laughs and shows me he's shaking too. Soon after I hear a loud pop and I feel like a water balloon just popped inside me. They check to see my water had broken. I'm thinking "obviously?" I tried to get some sleep but that was a lost cause.

I started to gain a little feeling on my left from me laying on my side so I asked to move to the other side and then I have this huge contraction that felt like the ones before I left the house but it lasted for over 5 minutes.

So I'm clinging to the side of the bedpost for dear life when 10 people it seems like rush into my room with supplies and start to move me on my back and take my bed apart to bring up the stirrups. My husband holds one leg while a nurse holds the other and I turn to my husband and tell him not to watch because if I poop I don't need him telling me that for the rest of my life. What does he do. He watches. 🙄 He said that I didn't poop. So that's good... But he did get really confused when he had a full head of hair and didn't know that it was his head. He thought it was a membrane of some sort.

After 5 minutes of pushing he is here. I just remember thinking "fuck this" when I was pushing and pushed as hard as I could to get him out because It felt like I was using abs that hadn't been working. That is probably part of the reason I got stitching.

The worst part was having to stand up to pee after the catheter. Not that it hurt but the fact that everything literally fell out of me on the bed. And the sponge bath they gave me afterwards was definitely a humbling experience.

The best part was when my husband looked at me gave me a kiss and told me he's proud of me and loves me! 😚😚💙💙

On Friday September 22nd 2017, At 1:54am weighing in at 7lbs 11oz. And 20.5 inches long is little Wyatt Andrew!

A 6 hour labor for a first time mom makes it seem like I should have another. (But we are going to wait a bit) 👶🏻