Why do I bother?!?!

Are you ladies in the same boat? How do you handle this?

Laying in bed last night SO says he doesn't want me to be the only one to deal with tracking OPKs... per his request, I show him the days results that we are ovulating. He had already said he's tired (in his defense, we had sex for the let 5 days). So he starts to fall asleep. Really!! I would have appreciated if he rallied at that point. I didn't want to say, hey, I'm ovulating. So we went to bed. I've never came on to a guy so much in my life as the ovulation window. Just feel like he could take on some of the stress. I am walking into mid 30s and he's 40. Dr doesn't think we are ovulating and we are trying a few more months with OPKs before the clomid path. Thanks for listening. Just trying not to add stress to my SO but really would appreciate if he took on this stress too.