37 weeks today...possibly early labor?


Last week at my 36 week visit I was

1.5 and 30%, today at 37 weeks I am 3.25 cm and 60%. The baby is still pretty high up, but my OB was pretty convinced that he is coming soon, maybe even before my next weekly visit. He did mention that he did see blood after checking me, and I did bleed a little after, and a few hours after getting home I lost my mucus plug.

Over the past few days the baby keeps dropping and then going back up, another sign my OB said makes him think I will go early.

This is my first pregnancy, so I'm really not sure what I'm feeling but I am calling them Braxton Hix since they aren't up to par with what I'm expecting the real contractions to be like. They are consistently about every 45 minutes right now, here's to hoping for progression!