I just feel like giving up

The last two weeks have been so traumatizing, I'm close to giving up. I have been diagnosed with HPV and HSV2 (HERPES) and I'm sitting here at home alone with my 10 month old as I cry. My fiancé and I got into a fight cause apparently I had mood swings today. He gets embarrassed with my daughters nails are dirty, but she's a baby and is on the floor 24/7. When I clean them, they'll be dirty the next day. And lately I just don't have the energy to do anything at all. I just kind of want to hide in a hole. All I can think about everyday is how I've been infected with these two diseases. So my fiancé left the house about 10 minutes ago and left home alone cause he's mad..... I just feel so depressed and I want to give up on life.