14 weeks and already bad!

We got our gender ultrasound done at 14 weeks and, luckily, we got a VERY patient radtech!

Our little bean had its legs crossed with one of its hands between its thighs. After repositioning me several times and poking my stomach gently, the baby finally decided to shift positions- HOWEVER, it decided that it was going to roll over and take a nap during the ultrasound 😂

So the woman told me to get up and walk around for a second and we’d continue, in hopes that the baby would wake up and reposition itself.

So I walked around her little shop and got to pick it a stuffed animal so we could put a recording of its heartbeat in there.

When I laid back down the baby hadn’t moved so we just decided to go ahead and get the heartbeat and schedule another appointment since we already took an hour of her time- going over the 30 minutes we initially had.

When she started recording the heartbeat this apparently excited the baby so much that it started wiggling all around and kicking 😍

It was so excited hearing its heartbeat that we were finally able to get the gender that visit!

It’s a BOY! 💙