Date night sucks!?

So I’m posting this in hopes of getting some advice on what to do. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for three years and what he considers “date night “ is going to the drive in. At first I liked going to the drive in, I never went as a kid and it was nice it just being the two of us. Now years later and that’s all we do. Once we get there it’s as if the count down begins until we leave. We make plans to go out to eat or do something and he always has an excuse either moneys an issue or he’s tired, which I get being tired thats understandable but then why make plans in the first place? I did my hair and make up today tiring to look good then I get a call “Babe I’m kind tired, mind if we go to the drive in?” Of course like I said I understand being tired but now I’m stuck looking good for NOTHING! please help me save myself!