All natural and not prepared for that.. ouch

Karter • Ftm due October 18th with my sweet baby boy. 💙

I went in at 12 AM Friday to be Induced due to my high BP. Everything was great, got a pill inserted into my cervix at 1 am. Checked at 4 nothing changed but being a little thinner. 4 hours later I got my second pill inserted. Was at a 2, asked for a little pain meds to take the edge off. By then my doctor decided my contractions are coming fast and hard enough for an epidural and to start pitocin. They told my my CPRN was in surgery and it would be an hour.. I said okay I can do it. I was at a 3 my water broke and my contractions went from a 4 to a 10.. in seconds. Contractions every 30 seconds for a minute long. Checked me again an hour and a half later I was at a 6. I was begging for my epidural.. still in surgery. I screamed and screamed for 5 hours for my epidural.. and he never came. I finally said he’s coming somebody check me!! They did and the nurse said you’re complete I’m going to get the Doctor. He came right in and I started pushing. Screaming bloody murder for my epidural. Props to the mothers who donjt with no pain meds willingly.. Knox Dean was born at 2:17 pm. 5 pounds 6 ounces 19” perfect..