Serrapeptase + Maca + Vitex = Ovulation! 😁

Vanessa • MMC - D&C 11w5d December 2018. Baby Due April 2020! 🤰🏻❤️😃

I’ve Been Taking These 3 Vitamins Once A Day For The Last Month And I’ve Ovulated! We’ve Been TTC For 2 1/2 Years And Have Only Gotten One Clear Positive Ovulation Test! I Had A Miscarriage In February 2016 And It Messed Me Up. Periods Became Irregular And Found Out I Had Hydrosalpinx In My Left Fallopian Tube. We Are Scheduled To Go Meet A Fertility Doctor In December And I Thought We Had Nothing To Lose Trying These Pills. My Husband Has Been Taking Them With Me Everyday Too. I’m Pretty Stoked That I Could Go Off Of Regular Ovulation Symptoms And Know I Was Ovulating But To Be Sure I Took A Test And It’s Positive. Time To BD! LoL Also, I Wanted To Show A Comparison On Wondfo Ovulation Strips And Clinical Guard. IMO Wondfo Is Much Brighter In Color. Sending Baby Dust To All And Praying This Is Our Month!!!