Finally got my solid smiley this morning 😃✨✨

Angela • 44 yr old Mother of 3 older children to previous marriage & a 4 year old boy to my partner of 5 yrs, ttc no 5 for 2 years, did fall pregnant last year in June but lost the baby at 12 weeks. Now Just had my baby boy Heath William 13/03/20 😍

Tested yesterday afternoon on CD 14, wasn’t going to test this morning as only in afternoon but thought what the hell, and bam smiley face 😀 on CD 15, just like last month only didn’t do the digital, now waiting till my man comes home in a couple of hours then baby dance! Bd yesterday morning too, last month got my positive on CD 15 & on a Sunday but afternoon but bd on the fri night & didnt bd that day but day after, missed it I’m sure, so here’s hoping this is the month 🙏🏻 😃✨✨