Need advice about boyfriends baby mama 😩

So typically I would say his child's mother but she's barely that. She's 36, spends every night at the club, has 2 duiis, countless boyfriends, no stable place to live and she's extremely immature. My boyfriends son with her is 10 and he's starting to realize things a little more. Anyways, my boyfriend and I announced our pregnancy last weekend. We're all civil, and she congratulated us. However, she always feels the need to be the center of attention. On my boyfriends Facebook about our baby, she's talking about her and her kids to everybody. I can't handle her. Every time by boyfriend posts anything about his son she chimes in, wanting to be a part of everything. My boyfriends told me not to let her get to me, she's just immature and needs to be the center of attention but I can't handle it anymore. What can I do??