The Ghost is back 😢

So long story short..was on tinder where I hit it off with this guy. We spoke as friends for about 2 months till he made a move at me and we hit it off (sexually/emotionally/spiritually). Over the course of like 3-4months things were great..met his family about 3 times..spent the weekend over at their place. The only problem is we were long distance! Anyways we spoke about being exclusive and trying this long distance thing to see how it would work..where I told him that if 3months in it wasn’t working out we can call it quits..but ladies! We didn’t even make it to three a month and a half he ghosted me. No explanation nothing! I hit him up asking what’s up? Nothing. He lived in another state so it’s not like I could’ve popped up at his door..I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to go to his family’s house to ask them what’s wrong..anyways I just cried over it and moved on..2 months now and he’s back! Asking to meet up so we can discuss “us” and possibly see what lies in the future for us..friends or whatever..mind you we’ve talked about having kids..I would move to his state after I’m done with school..we really connected on a genuine level. Do you think I should meet him and get closure? Possibly rekindle? Or ask for closure and shut him down. Please help me

-Broken hearted girl