post natal indian practices and some ftm questions.


When does breastmilk comes?

How much sore you were after birth?

I am from India. My doctor told me that breastmilk may come after 2-3 days, so I have to take vessels to make formula milk to hospital.

Just new information for people who are not from India. Here we get everything needed even clothes and food for baby and mother in hospital stay, unless we opt for small nursing home.

Family support is too good. I had told my in-laws and maternal family that I will come after birth, but atleast one person from each side will come before baby arrives. I feel blessed for this.

We generally don't purchase anything in advance for baby. Not a single piece of cloth as even just before 30 years, mother and baby care was not much in place and many babies lost their lives after birth. So elders feel that any mother should not buy things related to baby before birth.

Here new mother is provided with special food which enables breastmilk to come and also with ayurvedic mild medicines so mothers body nutrients will be restored. Regular food is given after three to four weeks after birth. Special water infused with carom seeds, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds is given which will help with digestional problems in both mother and baby.

Some treats made with clarified butter, jaggery and whole wheat flour with some dried ginger powder and other spices are made every morning fresh for new mother to eat(in small quantities).

Millets and moong bean are best for regular rotis and curries. Clarified butter (ghee) is of utmost importance in after care.

Hot pads are given for pains.

Headscarf is sort of compulsory. No much walking or housework is allowed.

I will also like to know about practices in your country for babies and mother. This topic is so vast and practices so different that we can get some valuable information from each other. Thanks in advance.