Boyfriend super jealous/protective!!!

I've been with my bf for over 3 years now. When we first started dating, I just started college. I've seen him get jealous around that time, as I was in a new environment & he was very unsure (even though I would never do with him!).

I made really close friends in college & they still are close friends. A lot of them moved, but we still hang out time to time. This one dude my bf is REALLY unsure of. My guy friend would always come to me for help like when he found out his gf cheated on him, etc. He's done & said a couple weird things to me & my roommates, but we didn't think much of it. Being so close to my bf, I would always tell him things that happened at school, so I would tell him what my guy friend said/did. On my bday, my guy friend texted me a long paragraph at 3am saying he hopes I have a great day, that he loves me, & that he'll always be there. I was sleeping & my bf saw & decided to respond to him without me knowing. I was mad my bf never told me he did that, but we for over it.

This semester I only go to school twice a week, & hang out with that guy friend & another one bc everyone else is busy. ALL of my friends were finally going to get together for a wedding this past weekend. That same guy friend texted me asking if I wanted to go shopping with him for the wedding. I was FT my bf at the time so I told him what he said, & my bf said "If you're even thinking about going, I consider that cheating & were done." I understand where my bf is coming from, but now he's just not letting me hang out with him at all no matter what I tell him. Was he out of line for saying this?

Update: The weird thing is that he isn't controlling at all. I feel as if I'm the jealous one in the relationship. I've just never seen him get this jealous tbh.