funny masturbation stories

So about 4 years ago I purchased a magic wand , I never had a single problem with it and I literally spent a small fortune on it. well one day my boyfriend and I went to use it, as things were getting steamy I felt a sharp pain in my hand and pulled back quickly. IT ELECTOROCUTED ME ! I looked at the wires still plugged into the wall and it had frayed pretty bad. still plugged into the wall but off I started moving the wand around and all I saw was this explosion and I couldn't hear anything. it scared me so bad I stoped it and ran. my boyfriend was freaking out. I couldn't hear any thing and had to sit down. all I was seeing were spots and my ears were rinfing. thankfully it didn't catch fire. I was so upset I dug a hole and hurried it in my back yard. 😂😂 leave a comment with your nightmare story !!