Weight loss Advice/ideas/recommendations?

Hey ladies- I am wondering what are some ideas or any advice on how I am able to help my husband lose some weight. Though I love him the way he is I want to help him be healthy. Most of his side of family is naturally on the bigger side. I really want to help him lose weight and stay healthy, but I also want to start off slow. Any ideas on reducing foods, beginners exercises etc. ANYTHING. I also love to eat but I also have a very fast metabolism. I don't want to starve trying to help him (lol) because when we eat we eat together. He loves sweets which I'm trying to cut off, and due to work we get to eat our first real meal late at night which I've been told it's not good idk. He also doesn't like veggies at all😩 We both tried going to the gym at first but our busy schedules wouldn't allow us much. Please help any routine ideas, meals, etc. I'm tired of hearing people (mainly his family) make fun of his weight even if it's just a joke. He doesn't care about that but I do👊🏽