Subchorionic hemorrhage (long)

I had a high risk pregnancy with my daughter/first pregnancy because I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. I know they're common but for me it caused my uterus to be extremely irritable and my body kept trying to go into early labor starting at 28 weeks. I started having very strong contractions at 17 weeks that lasted pretty much all day throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

My doctor that treated me during that pregnancy was wonderful but she moved away. So now I'm having to switch offices and doctors completely. They've been so helpful and nice but they're supposed to call me this week to potentially schedule me some earlier appointments and ultrasounds and maybe set me up with a fetal specialists to make sure this pregnancy doesn't become high risk. They've already said they'll probably start me on progesterone at 16 weeks to prevent early labor. I'm a nervous wreck😭 I just want this baby to be healthy and I want to have a good pregnancy. My pregnancy with my daughter was so bad that I said I didn't want more kids in the future. I obviously changed my mind but I want to have a better experience with pregnancy this go around if possible.

Anyone else experienced this and then had a normal pregnancy afterwards?