Is it just me or unprofessional


So I was recently referred to a specialist due to my baby girl being so small and found out she’s gone from 21st percentile to second. Last week the dr said rest hydrate and reduce stress. I was a 4 year old preschool teacher at a highly stressful school. So yesterday we go back for weekly apt. for different scans and see a different dr who obviously believes women should work until baby pops out or you are lazy doing nothing. Anyway, we asked her if I should continue working which we were told medically no reason you can’t so I explain my job situation she says well it’s more harmful not to work than to work and you said Preschool teacher right (I guess stress isn’t a concern). She then says but I can write you a dr note for no dishes or vacuuming (not joking but serious) she waits for an answer and I was like no. I felt like she was mocking me and my job. I know she may have people trying to take an easy way out but I felt like her but I can write was ridiculous and unprofessional or am I just sensitive