Pre-seed experiment

Carrie • 30 Wife, Momma, TTC #2 🌈

So just out of curiosity I had these pH strips and a lot of ewcm today!

I’m absolutely amazed by the results!

I checked my own ewcm (which is the most fertile and occurs around ovulation)

And I checked Pre-seed.

Top is pre-seed

Bottom is my ewcm


As you can see my ewcm is very acidic! And most likely the reason for my infertility! (12 months ttc)

The preseed is much closer to neutral. And way better environment for sperm.

My own body has been killing the sperm. They absolutely cannot survive in acidic conditions. (Mind you I’ve been eating very healthy because of ttc)

This explains everything!

Why pre-seed works so well and why it’s been so difficult to get pregnant.

This is our first month using preseed and I am super optimistic!🤞🏼🤗

Wish me luck!