Says he loves me less now🙄


The other day I posted about how I recently found out I was pregnant. Long story short i wanted to keep the baby and my boyfriend was 100% towards abortion.

Since I didn't opt with him, he has been very unsupportive, he said he will stay with me but that at the moment he doesn't care about the baby. I've asked him if he will come to the scans with me he shrugs it off and wont give me an answer. Says he will come around eventually because he has to, but feels I have betrayed him for keeping the baby. We live together so it's impossible for me to just not act pregnant around him.

He has been trying to forget about the fact I am pregnant and carry on as normal. Until last night we argued which lead him to get very angry with me.

I understand he doesn't want to be a dad and have given him the option to leave. I have had a week full of either him ignoring me or arguing with me. He thinks we should have time apart.

I just need to know what ya'll think I should do🙄