Surgical Procedures and Insensitivity From My Husband


This post is mainly to vent but, I also want some advice and opinions as well. So, a couple of days ago I had to have my lower right wisdom tooth extracted due to infection and severe nerve pain. I opted to just have local anesthetic because I didn’t think it would be that painful and I really didn’t want to be more of a burden to my husband if I had the sedative they use to knock you out. Well, first, he didn’t come with me to this appointment and messaged me some uplifting words but, nothing that really made me feel better. I let that go because I know he is dealing with a lot and I try to be patient with him. So, after I have this tooth removed, I don’t hear from him until he comes home on break. He did not ask how I was feeling or anything of that nature. He comes in and says hey, walks outside and smokes. I let it go. Then, he gets off work at 8:30 pm and comes walking in with his drunk cousin (who I don’t mind, it was just annoying because I was in pain and swollen). They go outside and get high and start drinking. 30 mins or so go by and my husband tells me they are going to go to the bar and have 1 drink and they’ll be gone for about 45mins. He leaves at about 9:15 and stays out until 2 in the morning getting wasted because his “family” was there. Mind you, I’ve told him I hate the way he acts when he’s drunk and I’m dealing with a lot of pain at this point. I ask why he didn’t feel the need to call me and let me know he’d be out so late and he got mad at me because he “needed a breather from being so stressed with work”. Now, I understand that and believe me, I’d much rather be out getting drunk than dealing with this wisdom tooth. Then, after yelling at me, he goes to bed. Not long after I walk back because I’m tired and see he is laying diagonally and I ask him to move to one side. He says “no, idk why you always have to complain about everything”. So, to avoid and argument, I just sleep on the couch. I asked him numerous times to just spend some time with me after this procedure and he hardly has. I’m so frustrated because this isn’t the first time he’s done stupid and inconsiderate things like this. Thoughts and opinions???