Do I experience orgasms?

Ok so I've been masturbating for about two months now. I use a battery- powered toothbrush. However, I'm really not sure if I'm experiencing orgasms. Let me explain... so at some point during the process I get a super amazing feeling of extreme pleasure where all my muscles tense up, my pelvis rises, and my breath is cut. This lasts for like 5-10 seconds. This episode comes depending on the intensity of the vibration of the toothbrush and the duration of masturbation. When i put new batteries on it, a powerful spin comes and i get this episode fast and constantly. If the intensity is not that powerful, then it comes after 10-15 min. But, this feeling of extreme pleasure is so amazing. I'm not sure if this feeling is an orgasm? And sometimes I get this episode a few times in a session...

sorry if this dumb or super long btw.