Needing to rant !!!!!


So I've had my inlaws here for a week. I should mention I'm 4 weeks post d&c.; All I've heard is how wonderful their grandchild is (my husbands brothers kid has just turned 1). It's Adam this and Adam that. Oh he can do this and he's so clever and funny. Eh I've just had a fucking miscarriage, maybe. Little more sensitivity ?? And then this morning it was oh we can't wait till April till we all go to Florida, it will be here so quick. I was due in April so no I'm not looking forward a trip to bloody Disney. They haven't asked how far along I was or when I was due or any other question for that fact. Just feeling shit today. Am I being too sensitive ?? I can talk about what's happened and talk about babies and pregnancy as I find it helps but they have pissed me off! Rant over.