Mind blowing sex!!!

Alright y’all so about a week ago I finally decided to hook up with this guy that I’ve been seeing for about a month and let me tell you...it was freaking mind blowing!! So we started off by just making out and then I got on top of him and we started grinding to the music we had going on...and then I ended up going down on him😏oh shitttttt! Then I just stripped and I took his clothes off too and I got on top of him and we just started doing it. It felt so freaking amazing y’all I’m telling ya this guy is a sex god!😂🙈 We ended the session with him hitting it from behind😍 maybe i just haven’t done it in a while, but hands down it was one of the best experiences ever! Y’all have some experiences like this, or even tips for me? Please share!!!🍆💦🍑👅