would u be suspicious about this? could he be cheating?

excuse me, not being racist, i just dont know their names, only their ethnicity. anyways, last wk, my husband said his mexican cowrker wants him to go hangout and drink beer. he ended up not going cause he was tired. just earlier he told me that guy invited him to go again since he didnt go last time, this time instead of saying his mexican cowrker, he said his vietniemese cowrker. im so curious to why he said someone else. i feel like hes cheating on me. ive talked to him about it and he denied, made me the problem, and say its the same guy. idk anymore, ik what he said before, im not crazy. he has been distant from me, he used to wake me up to make him a plate everytime he comes home from work. hed also stay in our room w me and eat, now he does it himself and he stays in the kitchen. idk, im not keeping him from going, i just pray that if he is cheating, itll be revealed to be soon, and not hidden. i do trust him, but because he changed the person, im smelling something fishy here.