Mum at the birth

How do you tell your mum you don't want them at the birth?

My mum gave birth after her mother had died a few years earlier and has always felt really sad she couldn't share having a baby with her so she really wants to be at the birth.

But I just want my husband there, I'm not that close to my mum and the idea of her being there when I'll be gross and stressed and tired and half naked makes me feel anxious already lol.

Luckily we live really far apart so I think with my Dad we agreed it'd be better for them to visit a few months after when I can be more active and actually see more of them (they can't visit me often so when they do it'll be for about a week.)

But it's difficult to know how to respond when my mum mentions really wanting to be there. Like I'd want her there asap after it's out and I'm not covered in blood and sweat and terror anymore lol!

Should I feel guilty for feeling like this?