Am I losing my d*mn mind or what?


I set my alarm for 1:27AM to change my tamp. I was suppose to get up to change at 1:30, 4:30, & 7:30. At 1:27AM my alarm went off. However, I did not feel like getting up so I gave myself another hour & set it to 2:27. My alarm went off at 2:27AM. I went to the bathroom & changed. When I came back in my room, my TV clock said 2:00AM and I watched it turn to 2:01AM. I looked at my phone 2:01AM. How the h*ll? What kinda crazy sh*t is this now? Because I was gonna get up at 2:27 instead of 1:27 I changed it from 4:27 to 5:27 before I went to the bathroom. It's a 3 hour increment. If it was set at 5:27 before I went to the bathroom then when I woke up, it was 2:27. At the end of the day that "27" has been there since I texted my boyfriend at 11PM. So even if it was 1:27 instead of 2:27 I was only in the bathroom for 5 mins. How does it go from 1:27 to 2:00AM in 5 mins? My alarm was NEVER 1:50 or 2:50 or 1:55 or 2:55 or anything like that. It's been at "27" since like 11PM when I set my alarm. I am certain of this because 1/27 is my birthday. I intentionally set my alarm at 1:27 at 11PM lastnight. & I've only changed the hours, not the minutes.