Help!! Sores on breast

I’m a DD pre-pregnancy and currently a DDD/E probably bigger (I haven’t been measured since being pregnant). I EBF and developed little sores like open wounds on my breast in between and under. I change bras when sweaty and shower at least daily 2x if I work out that day. And go through at least 2 bras,3 if I work out. I’ve tried using deodorant, powders, glide gel(What runners use for chafing), and sticking a small towel between/under my breast to keep them dry. The sores don’t hurt just itch and are about the size of a pencil eraser. Any suggestions? I’ll try anything as long as it won’t hurt my baby or decrease milk supply. Although I’ve always had large breast, I’ve never had the sores or excessive sweat until after I became pregnant.