just don't know what to do

A • TTC #1 have had 2 MCs 1 in May & 1 in December 2014 praying to hold my Rainbow baby one day x

so been with husbands 13 years only married 2 months! had 2 miscarriages 2014 diagnosed with pcos 2016 refered to fertility clinic appoitment comes through we have the chat as we both do desperately wants kids but it's proving difficult and pcos could be the reason why. so the chat goes down a route that has left me with 1000 emotions and unsure where i/we go from here. he feels due to his weight he's not comfortable going to the clinic and doing tests bloods etc just now due to his weight and how he feels in himself he's asked if we can wait just now allow him to make changes and if still no success then we'll go from there but he's 32 I'm 31 already feel I'm gonny be an old mum (just me being crazy) I have an age issue. and honestly just so I need to cancel an appointment I desperately want but the letter states he needs to be there. frustrated because I just don't know how I feel.