Still feel a bit guilty.


Some people may call me crazy and selfish but at the end of the day this is how I feel. So i quit breastfeeding from the daughter is only 2 weeks....i know that didnt last long. That is the part i feel so guilty about. Breastfeeding was making me depressed bc all i felt like was a machine..there was no bonding experience for me bc my daughter's latch was hurting me no matter how good she latched on. she literally tore my nipple open. i feel guilty bc I not only feel like i let her down but i feel like i let my SO down too cause he wants her breastfed. So i try really hard to pump and i only pump like 2 oz collectively from each boob but its a feeding and most times I formula feed her . My SO doesnt get that he gets to do whatever he wants without being tied to the baby for feedings so it's so stressful on me and not to mention i stay home all day while he goes to work and im up in the middle of the night. its exhausting and emotional so yeah i feel a little guilty for formula feeding her but then again i dont bc im literally feeling like a machine at times.