Anna 💍 Wife✨Mom to 1 son 💙

Okay so this is the second month of my husband and I TTC, but first month that we are REALLY trying (I don't think I really had timing and all the info I needed last month for a good effort)

Now that we had the fertile week down and my ovulation tracked, we did BD every other day and twice on my O day just because lol

Every day he loves to joke with me asking me so you feel pregnant yet ?!? You feel pregnant yet ?!?

Meanwhile I'm trying to get through this TWW without driving myself crazy !!

I already ordered a bunch of pregnancy test off amazon to pass some time and it's entertaining to him because here I am with a bunch a test and I can't do anything with them yet prime 2 day free shipping and discount pricing they are the best !! Couldn't pass up !!

So now I'm thinking, going on this app all the time because I love seeing all these women get their BFP and posting them every morning because it gets me even more excited seeing how excited others are !!!! And that could possibly be me soon !

Anyway AF is due on 11/1 and I hope she stays away !!!! Maybe it's the excitement of just starting out but regardless my husband and I really want a stay away AF !!!

And as for everyone else love seeing your BFP and all the happiness every shares on here !!! It's really such a great way to share and get support from everyone around the world !! In the meantime baby dust to all trying and especially those on the TWW journey with me I wish you baby dust and patience that I am trying to have as well !!!!