So we have been told I’m 9 weeks , we go in all we see is a yolk sac ! Freaking out for like a week and 2 days ! I go in today and 8:25 and .... well you know 🤰🏼🤗👶 look at my little bloop !! I’m measuring at a perfect 7 weeks and 1 day ! Finally we have a solid answer on our miracle! Completely lost it when I seen the heartbeat flicker and she turned the sound on and the heartbeat was there ! And so so strong 😭💗 my husband is in Cali for the army for another 3 weeks so my mom was there. I’m her first and only girl so she was crying even more and if was perfect ! Sorry I had to share ! We haven’t announced it to anyone but family yet . Baby Levitt is due June 7th, 2018