Pregnancy signs?

Well I never thought I'd make this post, but I'd like your opinion before I go buy a test. I've been having my period every month, although this last period did extend a week more than usual (it ended last week or so). My areolas are normally non existent, along with my nipples rarely being hard. The other day, I noticed that my areolas actually have some darker shade to them and my nipples have been hard on and off. For a while now, there's also been this "leakage" of discharge (I think). It has a smell to It, but nothing like an infection (trust me, I've had many - heredity). it's kinda just like when I'm turned on or something. I wake up though and it's dripping down my leg. I'm at work and it does the same. I can sit on the toilet and it just drips out of me. I use birth control and my boyfriend and I use the "pull out" method too (no condoms). The sensation kinda feels like when someone cums in you, but as far as I know, he never has. Anyone know as to what the cause of this might be? I know some are gonna say pregnancy. That's honestly what comes to my mind too, but I'd like more opinions before buying a test. I also have to wait til next paycheck - I don't want my boyfriend to know I'm testing. I'm unhealthy, so I wouldn't wanna tell him until after the "at risk" stage because we're not even sure if my body will ever be able to carry and birth a baby.