ovulation confusion


This is my first cycle off bc and ttc. I started using opks around CD 9. I of course have no idea how long my cycle will be since I've been on BC for about 8 years. I have mostly been using the walgreens brand with a few first responces here and there. Up until about 3 days ago I was getting clear negatives on my opks. Both walgreens and first response. 2 days ago I started getting what I thought to be positives on the walgreens brand strips but when I tested with a first response using the same urine it was negative. I have tested at different times throughout the day. The directions on my walgreens kit clearly state to use fmu. I took both types again today at 9:30 am, the last time I went to the bathroom before that was about 6:30 am (So a 3 hour hold). I got closeish to a pos of the walgreens brand and then the first respo

nse looks pos as well to me which would be the first pos I got with the first response

. Do you think it's accurate to say I will be ovulating in the next 12-36 hours? Today is CD 26.