Need help

I am a new mother. I live in southern jersey. I have been on maternity leave so I haven't received any money yet. And I am being told that I won't see any of my money until I go back to work. Which is making it harder for me. I went to the state and asked for help but they are unable to help me because at the moment I have no income at all. So my living situation is. Getting harder by the minute. I am unable to put food in my house and unable to pay any of my bills. I am be evicted from my home and i was told if i don't come up with the money that i will have to leave. I have no where else to go and with a newborn I really don't trust the mission where I live at. I would like to know if anyone knows a place where I can reach out to and they will be will or able to help me and my son. Or any other suggestions at the point I am open to anything.