advice needed please help

my boyfriend always said he could never get mad at me because he loves me so much and i knew hell explode one day because honestly no one is perfect . and that day has been lately . he says i never let him go out and when he does he has to go home early and that i never let him go out with his friends but that’s not the case he thinks 4 am is too early to go home when and i feel he just wants to live life rather than to settle down . also about his friends they dropped him many times and treated him badly and now they call for his help and he’s there all the time and drops me . he never goes to see me the only time i get to see him is when i go and still then all he wants to go is cuddle and sex and then he leaves to go with his friends . he says all i want is to break up and that i hate him and that i want him to have no friends and never go out . do i come off as controlling ? should i keep going in this relationship or break off so he can do as he wishes with his life ? we’ve been together for more that 1.5 years, and i love you him deeply i really do . how should i fix how i come across as to him i dont want to be controlling but i do need a bit more of his time . advice ?